Didn't you just launch a new site?

We did. We’re committed to making Community Commons the best go-to resource for those driving change in their communities. But, what is most helpful for you is not always constant: as our communities change, along with the data and technology environment, your needs change. We want the Commons to adjust to meet your needs, and we’re committed to continually improving the site to do so. That’s one of the many reasons we seek user feedback to inform our work. For the relaunch of Community Commons in January, we asked you to help prioritize content for the site, and we learned a lot.  

Remember when we told you about what you could expect last spring? Well, the good news is we’re still headed in that direction. The past six months have been a learning and growing experience: we entered into a new partnership to re-launch the Commons and quite honestly that partnership, while initially promising, prevented us from taking the Commons where we think it needs to be.

Almost a decade ago we launched Community Commons as a public good resource for Changemakers working to advance equitable community health and well-being.   As we prepared to launch the next version of we added a new technology partner. As is sometimes the case with partnerships, we came to find that we have different visions and aspirations. We are a non-profit that exists to serve the communities' movement. period. We called our site the "Commons" which means all that we create and share together! And that's what we will continue to do...looking forward to the next decade together.

At the end of the day, we’re excited for what’s to come. We now know more than ever about what you love, what works for you, as well as what you (frankly) weren’t excited about. We are refining the Commons with you, your community, and your work in mind. Please join us online in July. We promise it’ll be worth the wait.

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