What is the Change Library?

The Change Library is a practical, searchable, peer-reviewed implementation library that helps change makers by sharing both the things that work and the things that don’t work to improve health, wellbeing, and equity with people and communities. Unlike a traditional journal, Change Library submissions focus on implementation details. How long did it take?  In what context was it used? What details do you need to use this resource?

There are three types of resources available in the Change Library: tools, stories, and bright spots. 

  • Tools can be toolkits, guidelines/recommendations, websites, applications (apps), articles, reports, books—or any other resource.
  • Stories describe the journey of a person, organization, coalition, or community. They can be stories of personal transformation; stories that offer insight into the journey to health, wellbeing, and equity; or stories about a “fail forward” moment—one where a mistake or failure led to significant growth and learning.
  • Bright spots are specific practices, policies, or programs that have demonstrated significant, meaningful, measurable improvement. They may be early successes related to something that has worked well in your community or organization.

The 100 Million Healthier Lives Change Library is generously supported by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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