What is the Community Commons InfoHub?

The Community Common InfoHub refers to the collective information that comprise the information library that feeds Community Commons (and related applications) in order to help Community Commons advance its mission as the place where data, tools and stories come together to improve communities and inspire change.

The CC InfoHub aspires to be the best collection of data, tools and resources on the internet for improving well-being for people in communities, and a living map of the communities movement that illuminates “who’s doing what where.” The InfoHub includes:

  1. A catalogue of resources and tools useful to a variety of actors working to create place-based change, organized around:
    1. Metrics and data libraries;
    2. Topics of interest; and
    3. Communities;
  2. A communities structure for Community Commons that provides users a way to get locally-relevant content;
  3. A repository of stories to inspire change;
  4. A catalogue of networks, organizations and initiatives improving community health and wellbeing;
  5. A database of grants, grantees and funders;
  6. A metrics library compiled of measures of interest for assessing and tracking Community Change; and
  7. A data library compiled of metadata about data sets/sources related to: metrics, data/mapping tools, and key geographies.

We'd love your suggestions as we grow this important resource. Recommend content here!

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