How is the Community Commons InfoHub being developed?

The Community Commons InfoHub is a growing body of knowledge. Here is how we are building it alongside our users and partners:

  • Pragmatic masterminding by a passionate team of experienced and creative practitioners. Our team brings passion, creativity, diverse experience and deep expertise to the work of building healthier and more equitable communities. They developed and are executing a strategic and structured plan for growing and curating the CC InfoHub.
  • Strategic partnering with allies that share our values. We believe in the power of partnerships and our ability to do more together. We’re partnering with others in our ecosystem to bring you more - depth and diversity.
  • Crowdsourcing from our pool of diverse, knowledgeable users. As we launch the new Community Commons and related applications we’re opening up opportunities for our users to help us continue in building the CC InfoHub.
  • Overseen by a well-rounded group of leaders in the field. We’re building an advisory group to provide directionality going forward.

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